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Peninsula Properties of Virginia

What sets our company apart in obtaining a favorable price for your property and a fast turnaround are the services we offer including:


  1. Listing the Property on the Multiple Listing Service

  2. Detailed Comparative Market Analysis

  3. Aggressive Marketing Campaign

  4. Maximum Exposure via various media outlets

  5. On-site Signage

  6. Open Houses & Showings

  7. 24/7 Contact Service



Hot markets come and go and real estate here on the shore also reflects these changes.  In this present market, it is critically important to price your property for sale or lease correctly.  There are several factors that help us determine the value of property in a real estate market—location, condition, and competition.  To come up with an effective, realistic price for a property we perform a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA.  This, in addition to the current tax assessment, is a tool REALTORS, as real estate professionals, utilize to perform an evaluation of a property’s value based on available local market data including:


•How much properties similar to yours have sold/leased recently.

•How long these properties were on the market before they sold/leased.

•How fast you can expect to sell/lease your property at your desired asking price.

•What your “competition” would be should you decide to put your property on the market right away.


Once we have this data, this should help you to understand and give you an idea of how we assign a competitive market value to your particular property.  It is important to understand that a CMA is not an appraisal and is not a replacement for one.  A real estate appraisal is necessary to determine the estimated market value of property. An appraisal by a licensed or certified professional is, of course, much more detailed, and is the property (residential, land or commercial) valuation report a bank and mortgage lender needs during the loan approval process. 


Marketing is a key element in the successful sale/lease of property and we believe an aggressive marketing campaign is the difference. Your property needs maximum exposure through advertising both locally, area wide and also nationally with extensive  internet/website  access including,,,,,,,


Your property is advertised on our website,, and a host of numerous websites mentioned above. Properties are also marketed through print media: newspaper ads, brochures & flyers.  We list your property in our local MLS, the Eastern Shore Association of Realtors.  Identifying the property with appropriately placed on-site signage, we also perform active, ongoing open houses/showings of the property to a potential buyer.

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